Data - Discovery, Access and Integration

The seamless sharing of ocean observing data and model information is essential for the potential of stakeholder-driven ocean observing to be realized. It is a prerequisite for efficiently building truly valuable decision support tools. NERACOOS continues to lead the nation in the development and application of DIF technologies and standards. This work has been achieved in partnership with NOAA IOOS DIF and the NorthEast Coastal and Ocean Data Partnership (NECODP), an expansion of the Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnership (GOMODP) to the whole NERACOOS region in 2009. NEODP facilitates representation of and dissemination to a greater constituency than is possible with the NEARCOOS DIF team. Our observing system data is discoverable through the NOAA IOOS registry, accessible through nationally recognized standards, and has been used by multiple third party organizations to produce value-added products.

NERACOOS Data Initiatives:

OOSTethys and the Oceans IE - OOSTethys is a community of software developers and marine scientists who develop open source tools to integrate ocean observing systems. Their goal is to dramatically reduce the time it takes to install, adopt and update standards-compliant Web services. Download software cookbooks for installing an SOS service.

GoMODP Model Interoperability Pilot Project - A pilot project to show how existing NetCDF model output generated by partner institutions can be brought into CF-Compliance via NcML and made accessible to the scientist's desktop via standards-based tools.