NERACOOS Map and Model Viewer

The NERACOOS Map and Model Viewer was designed to permit rapid browsing of the output of several models running in the Northeast region. This tool was developed using a product called Mapserver and integrates model output layers made available by the provider via a standard webservice know as WMS (Web Mapping Service). By modifying the time parameter under the map, you can view forecast/hindcast images from a particular model.

For information on how to use this product, view the Map and Model Viewer Users Guide.

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Note: UMaine OMG hours must be 00, 03, 06, 09, 12, 15, 18 or 21
Sarops EDS
Global Forecast Winds
NCOM Currents Model
NDFD Conus Wind
Narragansett Bay Tidal
National Data Buoy Center Winds
New York Harbor Currents
New York Harbor Winds
North American Mesoscale Winds
Northeastern Atlantic Currents
UMaine OMG
Barotropic Sea Water Velocity
Sea Surface Temperature
Satellite Imagery
Latest CoastWatch AVHRR SST
All Observation Platforms
FVCOM Mass. Bay Currents
Mass. GIS / CZM
Fin Whale Important Habitat
Fin Whales
Gas Pipelines
Lobster Harvest Zones (1997)
Ocean Sanctuaries
Stellwagen Bank
Surficial Sediments
Wind speed at 30m
Coastal Services Center
RI/NY 3 NM Line
RI/NY Territorial Sea Boundary
Shipping Lanes
Ocean SAMP / RI
Bathymetry - 10 ft. contours
Bathymetry - 20 ft. contours
ENC Regulated Areas
Ocean SAMP Study Area
Seal Haul-Out Locations
TDI Priority Research Areas