NERACOOS Map and Model Viewer User's Guide

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The NERACOOS Map and Model Viewer tool is designed to permit rapid browsing of the output of several map and model layers running in the Northeast region. The image below identifies the various sections of the mapping tool. This tool was developed using a product called Mapserver and integrates model output layers made available by the provider via a standard webservice know as WMS (Web Mapping Service).


How to use this tool:

  • Select model layer from the list of available map and model layers. From the toolbar, click the refresh Refreshbutton to display data.
  • Use the tool buttons at upper right to zoom in zoom inor out zoom outand to pan right, left, up or down pan.

  • Use the "Zoom To" drop down list, located above the mapy layer list, to zoom the map to one of the preset regions.
  • Use the recenter recenterbutton to go back to the default view.
  • Click the info infobutton to query data from the model layer.

  • The time indicator, located above the model layer list, displays the time of the layer you are looking at. To view the model in forecast or hindcast mode, change the time from the drop down options and click the refresh refreshbutton on the toolbar.