NERACOOS Nominations Committee

Bruce Carlisle, Mass Coastal Zone Management

Jack Ringelberg, JMS Naval Architects

Peter Smith, Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Nominations Committee Terms of Reference

The Nominations Committee shall work with the three nominating bodies – the Academic Consortium, the Northeast Regional Ocean Council, and the Directors of the Sea Grant Programs of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Rhode Island – to identify their nominees to the Board of directors, and recommend other nominees to the Board of directors as specified in the NERACOOS Bylaws. In doing so, the committee will present well qualified candidates that include a diversity of nominees with regard to geography, gender, ethnicity and racial background.

In addition to seeking broad stakeholder representation, the Nominations Committee shall strive to populate the Board with a geographically diverse membership, including at least two members from Canada.

The Nominations Committee shall consist of one or more directors and such other persons as the Board may choose.


  • Assess capacities needed on the Board
  • Track and monitor terms of directors
  • Evaluate Board members’ service and their interest in continuing to serve
  • Engage the broad community, specifically the three nominating bodies identified above, to identify potential additions or replacements on the Board
  • Provide to the Board a slate of nominations for their consideration at least annually
  • Maintain records of Board members’ service
  • Review and respond to Board member requests for Alternates

The Nominations Committee shall meet as often as necessary to fulfill its responsibilities sufficiently.

At each meeting of the Nominations Committee all questions and business shall be determined by a majority vote of those present, or without a meeting by unanimous(majority?) consent in writing.

The Nominations Committee may communicate by telephone, by e-mail, in person, or by any means appropriate for the business at hand.

The Nominations Committee shall make public its search for Board members and shall report to the Board a full slate for consideration at least annually, as well as the process for identifying nominees.