Data Integration

To accomplish the project’s data integration goals, NERACOOS is working in coordination with members of the Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnership ( - newly renamed to the Northeast Coastal and Ocean Data Partnership or NECODP) to make the regional data sets discoverable, accessible and interoperable in accord with DMAC-endorsed protocols.

This effort has been focused in three core areas, all of which leverage other federal and State sources of funds: advancing regional data integration and interoperability, working with end users and regional scientists to implement priority products, and maintaining existing data-delivery capabilities to serve regional end users.

NERACOOS partners are participating in national data integration initiatives:

  • OOSTethys - A community of software developers and marine scientists developing open source tools to integrate ocean observing systems with a goal to dramatically reduce the time it takes to install, adopt and update standards-compliant web services. This project develops easy-to-use reference implementations for standards based data sharing capacity, consistent with the NOAA Data Integration Framework (DIF) and the IOOS DMAC guidance. On, data providers can ownload server-side software and cookbooks to make data interoperable.

  • Gulf of Maine Model Interoperability Experiment - A pilot project to show how existing NetCDF model output generated by partner institutions can be brought into CF-Compliance via NcML and made accessible to the scientist's desktop via standards-based tools.

  • OpenIOOS - An integrated open ocean observing testbed, that demonstrates a working prototyps of data providers serving real-time observations via SOS (Sensor Observation Service).

  • Q2O - a WHOI-led initiative to establish QA/QC standards for application in OGC-compliant web services

  • The OGC OCEANS IE - an interoperability experiment evaluating and developing best practices documentation and reference implementations for OGC standards WFS (Web Feature Service) and SOS (Sensor Observation Service).

  • Participation in national Data Management and Communications (DMAC) activities to help define and advance NOAA/IOOS DMAC and NOAA/IOOS Data Integration Framework (DIF) efforts with technologies and approaches that can be applied to other regional efforts with national initiatives.

  • Participation in NOAA/IOOS Web Services Data Encoding (WSDE) Working Group.

NERACOOS Data Integration Partners:

Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnership (GoMODP)
Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®)
UMass Dartmouth - Oceanographic Modeling and Analysis Laboratory
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution - WHOI