Education and Outreach Team

Ocean observing provides a unique ability to inspire people to learn about the oceans through the immediacy of real-time observations. While most individuals know about the seasons on land especially in the Northeast of the U.S., few comprehend the similar changes in the Sea. By understanding the sea’s seasonal patterns individuals better connect with the ocean. NERACOOS has built a collaboration of ocean science education professionals and scientists by partnering with the many high-caliber ocean education organizations in the region. These include the three Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE): COSEE – Networked Ocean World (NOW) lead by Rutgers, COSEE – Ocean Systems (OS) lead by the University of Maine, and COSEE – New England (NE) lead by the New England Aquarium. The regions Sea Grant establishments are also part of our collaboration providing a direct conduit to their local communities.

By working in partnership we are ensuring that our efforts do not duplicate those of other institutions, and, where appropriate, we are using materials developed elsewhere. We engage teachers and students directly in formal education programs as well as visitors of all ages at informal science centers. We are also recognized as a region of excellence in graduate student training for ocean observing with programs at many of the nations leading academic oceanographic institutions found in the region. By educating the public about the importance of the ocean in our daily lives and increasing Ocean Literacy, NERACOOS fosters a greater stewardship of the ocean.

Education and Outreach Team Members | View current initiatives and resources

Name State Type Organization
ME University UMaine
ME Fed Govt NWS
NH University UNH
MA Non Profit NE Aquarium
NH Non Profit Seacoast Sci.
CT University UConn
RI Fed Govt Sea Grant
ME University USM
ME Non Profit GoMOOS

* - current chair